hi guyzz... i have a problem in my combobox listindex searching.

when i open my comp, the combobox working very well that when i type the first letter it automatically autocomplete the data in the combobox, but after an hour or restarting my pc.. it doesnt work any more...

i have a conclution the in my dll file or something in my computer.
any one can solved this...

thx in advance

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first i loaded the data in the combobox in 2 columncount.
alternate with the other combo box listindex.

then using the listindex of the combobox
(private sub cbo1.....)
if cbo1.listindex <> -1 then cbo2.text = cbo1.list(cbo1.listindex,1)

(private sub cbo2.....)
if cbo2.listindex <> -1 then cbo1.text = cbo2.list(cbo2.listindex,1)

the code works perfectly but sometimes in the installed other machine it doest work any more..
their a change it work but their also a time it doest.

any idea on it? because i think theirs something in the my pc that doest installed in other computer. (dll file or something....)

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