Hi everyone
i really need your help
i need to write a code for a game in tow dimensional array [6][5]
that 2 people are playing
its like X O but the size is of the storck is decieded by them
every player picks the colmun he wants to put the char (from left to right) and after every move the array is printed.
if there is a strock of the size they picked (in anyway) one of the player is winning otherwise there is a draw.
please help me how to write the code
please try to make it as simple as you can :)
thanx in advance

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Let's start from this forum announcement:
I rather like this non-functional specification:

please try to make it as simple as you can

Did you know the most valued principle of a good programming style and design: Keep it simple, stupid? If so you have a good chance to become an excellent software project sponsor (or at least a very good project manager) ;)


yes i can imagine.
but i thought some one here could help me


>>i thought some one here could help me
They could, and usually will. But, the above statement implies effort on your part, which has yet to be demonstrated. Most people who respond to posts here aren't willing to do the project for you. Do what you can, then post a specific question about a specific problem when you get stuck.

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