Hi I'm trying to convert a linux/gcc program to windows/cl

But I'm having some problems understanding the inner workings of the ide called microsoft visual studio c++ 2008 express.

I've started a "new clr project", and then added the .hpp file,
that contains the header.
But the compiler/f7 says that it cant find the file even though it appers in the solution explorer.
below is a screenshot.

btw I've tried dragging the file from source files to header files,
and still doesn't work.

Do I have to set som strange compiler include even though a file appers the the solution explorer



See the 'Header Files' group in your Solution Explorer? That's where the header files go. So, drag and drop your RXMatrix.hpp header file into that group. Also, use some sort of standards. Use either .h or .hpp extension for header files.