hello..good dAy..

im Dawn a Fisrt year college student...
i and my classmates will be joining a CodeCamp in our school..and it is a 3 days live in activity.. and it is a open source programming contest....
Its all about (JAVA GUI ) i would like to ask a help from u guys ... can u send alot of GUI program example.. that will give me alot of ideas regarding the topic that i have mentioned.....

Ezzaral commented: Lame. So lame. -3

Firstly you did not mention any topic apart from Java GUI, which is far too generic to be a topic at all, secondly if you are voluntarily competing in the camp don't ask us to submit code for you. Do it on your own and show it to us and ask specific questions. For ideas you can search this forum for answers to other such similar questions so do the good work on your own. Also the next time you post I would appreciate a more specific thread topic than "I would like to ask". no one really started a thread here with an answer.

can u send alot of GUI program example..

for answer to this question: I could send you a Windows CD, but that would be illegal.
as you said, YOU will be joining a camp with a contest, we're not... why entering a contest if you don't want to compete?

what you can do now is, impress us, by posting here the code with which you 'll impress the jury of that contest, and show us that you're not just a lazy cheater. we'll be that much more eager to help a next time you have a question