I am writing a small wizard to help the user gather data in a pleasant way, but I don't want to use the standard install wizard layout, so I am working on writing my own.

I have tried using a standard TabControl but I don't want the line of tabs on top, I just want to hide them.

Another solution would be to write a Control with a Collection of TabPages, but this seems abit much for a problem that must be a common thing.

So any recommendations? Maybe just several Panels but that would be a hassle to make changes to.

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I see that I failed to mention that the reason I want to hide the tab-bar is because I want to guide the user using next and previous buttons. If nothing I could always ignore the mouseclicks on the bar so that nothing happens, but in my eyes that looks ugly. But maybe I have to live with it then, I can't be bothered to write a control from scratch just for some eye-candy.

Another option is just placing a panel over the tab-bar :)

Just hope I won't have any flickering.

Thanks for the replies


Well then just use panels, and you can have next and back buttons at the bottom or whatever suits you

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