as per my opinion c# is better than even if in the case of web development

What is your definition of better?
Is an orange better than a banana?
Are you better than me?
Worser is sometimes better!

I develop using C# 4 years ago, but from just one month I used to go to VB.NET forum and answer... and if you answered Dany's questions, you'd have the answer of yours :)

Is this some kinda random thread?

why u ask this question ????

because the thread reads like a random sentance competition. Pretty pointless, uninformative, and directionless.

am just asking why dileeppaul needs this , am not blaming him so u answer me ??

No, I asked in general. If you wish to take it personally, I cant stop you.

I think dileeppaul is fed up with his wife so he came here to show his frustration.

oh, just my random sentence. ;)

A Belgium painter called Rene Margritte made a famous painting of a smoking pipe.
Below he wrote: "Ceci n'est pas une pipe."(French for: "This is not a pipe.") I am a person from Belgium, I can speak and write French, but I don't normally do that. Contest: what is the language I normally speak? That is one reason we practicaly invented surrealism! But hey, we are here for C#!!!