hi all,
i have a project to make a data quality audit tool that will be used as a plug-in with another tool.

now in this im making forms using VB. we have to then allow user to choose rules he wishes to apply to the various data types assigned to a data field in a database.

eg. if i have a table "student" having fields FirstName, Age etc

now FirstName is assigned that it is NAME datatype, Age is NUMBER and so on

we have to apply rules to each field based on the datatype. eg. In NAME datatype, we might apply say that

1. field is not null.
2. field all in caps. etc

the user chooses which rules to apply.

now my qn is HOW DO I TRACK THE CHANGES THE USER HAS MADE IN THE APPLICATION? i have to save these changes and the app should reflect these changes when the user re-opens the said file.

i have been seeing MS-WORD app that save updates in a temp file and rewrites back to original file after user has quit the app.

but how can i go about it when im doing it in VB? iv been trying to get tutes frm google by using various keywords but so far havent been able to get anything as-per-topic for the said process.

ur advice and answers will be highly appreciated.


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sorry for the delay in replying. this is to store the settings on quitting the application and retrieving them on starting again.

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