I am new to using C and C++ libraries. So my questions might seem to be naive.

1. When installed, will the source files ( .c or .cpp) of a library be placed into some system directory like /usr/local/src/ for other code that will use them?

2. If not, are all the implementations included in the library files and accessible during debug by stepping-into?

3. If the library files are dynamic linked, i.e .so or .dll, can the implementations be accessed during debug?

Thanks in advance!

Whether or not the source is available for a given library is up to the developer of the library.

If the source files are not included, you can't step into them. (Unless you like to read disassembly.)

If the library is only released as a dll, the same applies.

If you are having problems with a library that was released without source, you are generally not supposed to attempt to debug it.

If you are having a problem with such a library, you confirm that you are using the documented interface and then 'prove' that the function you call does not behave as documented. You then 'present' the evidence to the library supplier and they will usually fix the problem and release an updated library.