Is it possible if anyone could help me out. I asked my friend if he could do this, but pointed me here. I have no computer science knowledge/language. I was trying to get a program that hits a certain key every 4 minutes. Than another for minutes later does the same thing, etc etc. Say the Left Arrow. Could someone please create/write a program that can do this. Every 4 minutes it will press the left arrow and than 4 mins later, same thing. Thanks alot. E-mail=

this isnt for his homework, i can vouch for that (he dont go to college or anything)! i dont know how to do this myself, so i have no help from me i pointed him here..

so any help would be great .... its for a game, and on windows ...

I consulted a hacker friend of mine and he said "API call with a timer delay of 240 seconds that presses left arrow key." What ever the hell that means. But he says sometimes DirectX sometimes doesnt like "Api junk". So I dunno. Anyone want to take a shot?

The API function is called keybd_event. It's not terribly difficult to learn how to use it with the reference available. So why not give it a shot and you'll learn something about computers and programming. There's nothing wrong with that.

If you want someone to write a program for you then go to