im making a game, called memory game.

i don't know the exact codes to make a picturebox move when clicked. i saw a game file that becomes a gif image when clicked, then it randomizes the last image every start of the game.
i wanted to make something like that, but i cant understand the codes in that file.

can someone help me?
or give me alternatives on what is the better way in making a memory game? like how to show the pictures etc?:-/

*memory game is where you need to match two similar pictures.

Essentially what you want to do is create an array of images and hide them off the form to start.

Now on load or on push of a button simply run a rand() function and call to array image[x]

Display it on a grid or wherever you want the user to see it.

Now when a user clicks on an image store that globally or in a .dat file to reference later when checking if the answer is correct.

Are you looking for the actual code or just the logic?


thanks! the logic did help. a lot. :)
i already created an array of picturebox (is it okay?), but i don' know where to start my codes. if i what code should come first? will i use if-then statement? and where will i get them? i really need a hand.

thanks to you for the logic. :)