Hello reader(s),

In table1 i have 3 columns named: emp_id, month, year. First i'm inserting emp_id from a recordset with validation from a text box. Problem is: In the same row i need to insert data of month and year column from individual text box.

Code should like:

insert into table1 (month, year) value ((textmonth.text), (textyear.text)) where table1(emp_id)=(textid.text)

I'm coding in VB 6.0 and very new with VB 6.0. can any one please help me with SQL code??

if your using adodb try this

set rs as new adodb.recordset
rs.open "Select * from table1 where emp_id='" & textid.text & "'", cn, 3, 3
if rs.recourdcount > 0 then
rs.open "insert into table1  (id, month, year) value ('" + textid.text + "','" + textmonth.text + "','" + textyear.text + "')", cn, 3, 3
end if
set rs = nothing

the cn there is your adodb.connection
if your using adodc just change the adodb to adodc, adodb to data1 if your using DAO. .

Ryan Riel

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Dear Ryan,

Your code is working fine. I got another problem in one of my different INSERT command. the code is:

sql = "INSERT INTO DayWiseRoster (id) select UserOFTheMonth (id) where emp_id='" & txtempid.text & " ' "

This command prompting: DATA TYPE MISMATCHED.

Couldnt find what the problem is. I need such code for data validation. I guess passing integer value with reference of another integer value creates the problem. Is there any different SQL code for passing integer value.

the same command i used in my program for different table. That one is:

ssql=" INSERT INTO UserOfTheMonth (emp_id) SELECT users (Emp_id) where name='" & cboname.text & " ' "

Its working fine but the first one is creating problem. Can any one rid me of it??

its created problem because they have the same entity

sql = "INSERT INTO DayWiseRoster (id) select UserOFTheMonth (id) where emp_id='" & txtempid.text & " ' "


try to change that. .