I am not that great with C++ but I am trying to write code that will be able to import 2 wave files I have - the first file is my sine wave sweep file the second is my impulse response of the room. Once imported I wish to de-convolve the sine sweep tone from the impulse response of the room and so leaving just the sound of the rooms acoustics.

I have no idea how to write the code to perform deconvolution I have read numerous pages be its very confusing can some one help me write this code or point me in the write direction.

I have started to try to understand Convolution by creating 2 sine waves in Excel then save the data as text files and use these as my two files to import into my C++ code and convolve - this appears to work as the C++output looks the same as what I have crated in Excel.

If some one can help I will be very grateful.

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Something like Natural Frequency or Resonance?
Look up Alvin Luciers works that dealt with that.

What is the format of the wave files? Is it PCM or are they compressed?

Hi Nucleon

Yes the format is PCM

Here's a piece of a program I wrote to play with PCM wave files. It displays the header information. Run it on both of your files and post the results back here. The filename is hardcoded in the first line of main. Uncomment the last line if you need to pause the console.

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