Hi there. I am writing a program in Access 2003 and I trying to update a forum with new strings. To explain better. The forum window is already up and I hit a button to process a command. Now I need the fields in the forum to update without saving the strings to my table. Each field needs to be filled with the specific strings that I have declared to them and all of this though code.
Thank you

i didn't understand your question .

What is a forum window ?
What do you mean by update without saving ?

I do not want the data in the updated forum coming from a table but instead from the values I tell it to. I know how to declare the strings it is just having the table refresh with the values I tell it to hold.

I'm thinking FORM and not forum and the OP is using Access 2k3 and the forms the Access environment provids. It also seems that the form they are using is not bound by query or control but beyond that I am clueless as all others...

Sorry I am very new at programming vba let alone doing it in access. It is bound by query.