Good evening,
I am having difficulties figuring how to get my calculations working. Basically, I want my hours to actually be what is typed in under each question, but they are all ones. I could use some help

def Employee():
    global eName
    global pRate
    global hWork

def Low(hoursList):
    lowestPay = hoursList[0]
    return lowestPay

def High(hoursList):
    return highestPay

def Avg(hoursList):
    for hour in hoursList:
        total += hour
    avgPay = total / len(hoursList)
    return avgPay

raw_input("Hit ENTER to start Payroll Program.")
while True:
    eName=raw_input("\nPlease enter the employees' first and last name. ")
    hWork=int(raw_input("How many hours did they work this week? "))
    if hWork <1 or hWork >60:
        print "Employees' can't work less than 1 hour or more than 60. "
    pRate=int(raw_input("What is their hourly rate? "))
    if pRate <6 or pRate >20:
        print "Employees' can't make less than $6 or more than $20. "
    eName != "DONE"
    eName=raw_input("Type DONE if you finished with all employees'. ")
    if eName == "DONE":

i couldnt see much wrong with it, what exactly do you mean?
but i did test it and i think that you should change all of your

item = float(raw_input("question"))
#as this means that you can use decimals without raising an error
#or having to use error handling.