hi evrybodt plzhelp
me in
vb6 hough transform for circle detection.....i need its code as soon aspossible.....

What exactly you are looking for and what is the code that you are working on.

we r working on image processign of ball.
software we r using is visual basic 6.
so far i hav done capturing of ball image n converted it into binary image.now we r on step of detecting shape of object(ball) using hough transform..u knw tht for detecting circular shape hough transform is fastest technique.
but i dnt knw how to implement hough transform in visual basic.....if u knw anything about code of detecting circular shape.
thn plz let me knw n help me out.
i ll be thnkful
n if u knw anyone who can guide me in writing code or can give me code thn plllllllllllllz tell me need urgently

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