I already have a VB program to parse the data from the webpage and loads into the table for 3 values

And I need to modify as it refers to the new page and the column is 14.And also, in this new page i need to search for a word and from the next word, I need to load into the table.
And whether it is posible to load it into 2 tables?? as the data will look like the below
AS.Id AS.Code As.Field
001 jhk lkj


As.Ds As.Description
098 completed
099 do
99 na

The 2 tables are related by AS.Id, but whetehr it is good idea to have 2 table or 1 table.
Please let me know.And also the modification for the new code as there is a lot to change.

I need to fetch the data from the web page and load the same into Database table (sql server).
I have a program of similar kind where it refers to page based on the id from the table (sqlserver) and checks next of its value, and browse the webpage and save the data into webe page.
Now, the new modicfication is that it needs to checks different webpage(Section is different)
and the content is very larger which needs to be stored in 14 columns...
whether it is posible to reuse the existing code.As I m new to Vb, it would be of very great help to me if you provide some suggestion.If you like to page the existing code, I am ready to do that and let me know where I need to do modification also....

Thanks in advance,