Good day programmers
I am a beginner and I am designing a game with C++ using Microsoft Office Visual Studio 2005.
I need to add pictures to it, and I wonder if there could be some code to add or open a picture.
Could someone please guide me?
Thank you.

If it's a 3d game, you'll have to use either openGL or directX and use some sort of texture mapping.


Firstly, if you're a beginner, then its better if you model your game as a text-based game. Game Programming using graphics, audio etc can quickly become overly complicated if you have little or no previous experience in C++ (trust me on this). You would have to worry about a whole load of new terms/methods of programming.

If you meant that you are a beginner in Game Design and Programming, and you would like to create a game quickly and/or you would like this project to be a learning process, then I would suggest you learn to use these Game Engines that have been pre-built and tested:

1. Irrlicht Game Engine - found here

2. Since you're using VC++, then DarkGDK - found here

3. If you are looking for a powerful, yet easy to manage, and cross-platform game engine, then CEGUI is more than upto the job. You can find it here.

But a good knowledge in either DirectX or OpenGL would help substantially when you are working with graphics.

Also note that game design is envisioned or planned according to its future functionality, i.e, it may have a GUI in the future(if its a text-based game). If you haven't planned for a GUI proactively then check whether your current classes can accommodate a graphical interface. If it can't, then there's a likely chance that you would have to completely redesign your whole game...

Anyway, Hope this helped!

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