I'm currently working on a project which requires me to provide an upload and download file manager with pause and resuming functionality. Much like GetRight with its GUI but with upload and download function. This project is PHP based and I believe that PHP can't do what is required here.

But Java applet have the power to do such a thing. I've been searching for awhile now and haven't found any viable solution. I'd like to integrate the application into our system seamlessly.

FYI, I'm a PHP programmer. Still trying to find the time to learn Java.

Having said that, an open source application would be a preference here. So I could customize everything. My company can provide me with the funds to acquire commercial solutions with source code if freeware isn't available.

Can someone help point me to the right direction?

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Riv3n>requires me to provide an upload and download file manager with pause and resuming.

To do so, you must be acquinted with java security manager and policy concept.


Yes. It's quite a challenge to produce such an applet. Is there a commercially available solutions? The ones that I can integrated into my system.

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