I have created a database in vb, I currently have 13 columns and 2 lines, I'm trying to add to that database through the VB form I have. When the user imputs information into a textbox I want that new info to appear in my database, is that possible or am I going about it the wrong way


First tell me that in which lang u craete ur database (SQL)???? Have u create ur databse thru coding in VB ? ya its poss to insert modified data into DB? For that there is some unique Key in DB first.

Suppse in DB, u have record of student whose Roll No is 1.
Supose phone number is changed of that student.
Then u write

UPDATE TABLENAME SET PhoneNUm="98118888" WHERE Roll = "1"

WHere PhoneNUm & Roll are column names.
I hope u got it to some extent..If still probs is dere,reply.

Thanks for the help Sonia
I have progressed some more since my last post and I have created three forms in VB 'Vehicles, Fuel & Vehicle Type, I also created 3 vb dababase tables with the same names which I'm using as my data source. What I'm hoping to do for my assessment is add a record to each table via its corresponding form. I'm using a Microsoft.access database file through the .NET.Framework Data provider for OLE DB.

I was stuffing up the code majorly, I'v had to move on to other parts of my project, I think the 3 form 3 table thing is too much for this newbie, any help would be appreciated