I am in the process of developing a series of tutorial cds for programming and web designing like C C++ Java html etc

My first Cd is on C programming languages

I need feedback

1) Completely flash based or completely html based...... if a combo of both which more

2) What would you like to see in the cd?

3) What topic you want to see covered not found in other books and cds.

4) Voice over - would you like it or not? (voice over where a sound reads the page in the background)

Please send feedback here or email me at creationzunlimited@gmail.com



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2)What I find useful is a simple program to start with like the Hello World application and then you just build on that and add stuff like color centering ect.
3)Indepth GUI
4)Could it be optional?


1) I'd prefer just HTML, or if you want to go flash, make any "transitions" as short as possible. Many flash sites have these annoyingly long transitions to the next area. Sure, it looks fancy, but after the third time it starts to grate.

2) A decent set of tools (free obviously) for the programming languages. Granted, it may not be up to date, but it saves downloading or buying it yourself. Many of my uni books have failed to supply the right tools or just offer trial versions I have to eventually pay for.

4) I suppose that could be useful, and you would have plenty of room since most of the CD would just be code text and HTML!


For a CD use flash full screen with easy navigation, limit transitions (i made that fault looks like a stuttering piece of junk - works fine from hard drive but has dificalties from cd drives also needs rather fast proccessor) keep the tutorials categorised. and have a "sitemap".

OurNations reply sounds great, as to on the cd, add the software (demo or outherwise) described or mentioned in the tutorials.

isn't this "DaniWeb > Web Development > Web Design > Site Reviews"

by the way GOOD LUCK sounds as if you need it

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