How do you make a glass form in VB.NET? Like the vista/win7 effect, but extended into the form. I saw a tutorial for C#, but can't find one for VB.NET

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That was for Vista glass frame with WPF. I thought that if it would not have been dependent on Vista (and WPF), you could have tried to convert C# code to VB.NET. Either with .NET code converter or manually.

You could probably make a "Vista glass frame form" by yourself. At least Form control has Opacity property. I needed once themes and skins for forms and used Adding custom skins for Forms in VB.Net as a starting point. It does use Panel control which may not support opacity, but if you find a suitable control for custom form's caption bar, you could make a similar form to what you have in Vista.


Hm.... thanks. I did try to convert the code, but it didn't work. I'll try the form skinner and get back to you.

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