Hey, I'm new on this forum.. so i have some newbie questions to ask... I just would like to know what kind of processors are the dual core, core 2 duo and quad ones... i mean.. all the books that i've been reading so far are only treating about x86 processor... i wonder if it has any use for these new kinds of processors... if its a dumb question just ignore it... lol .. thanks anyway.

hello, I can't give you a very good advice about that because I really don't know about it and I only have a little knowledge about the said dual core.

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Not to over simplify it, the various combinations of multiple processors, dual core, quad core, etc. are essentially additional processors in your system. Unless you are a kernel developer you really don't have access to the supervisor instructions, so for your purposes they are several multimedia instruction set (SIMD) Single Instruction Multiple Data processors. You program for that while programming your application to be multi-threaded. You can typically request (a) processor to use for your task, but typically you're at the mercy of the thread tasking system. You can however trick it by over-ordering threads to get the load distribution you want, then shutdown those threads you don't want! It's crude but effective!

You will still use the x86 instructions on the other processors that you mentioned. So, those books may be useful. The real question for an x86 book is what operating system the examples were created for, or maybe whether it was 16/32/64 bits.