Hai Friends,
Please Help Me!!!!
I am developing a bussiness application.It includes a module which has to send a text file from the head office to the branch.
I am able to send the file through internet only if i get the global ip.
But Under the router i am getting the ip like
How can i send file to a machine which is under a router...
Thanx in advance....

My.Computer.Network.UploadFile("test.log", "") Normally it is even easier to send local files. Could you please subscribe the problem a bit more detailed? like what exception you get if u try and so on.

i am not getting any exceptions
i dont want to get these 192.168.XXX.XXX
i want to know about the correct ip(global ip)
and if i send file to that ip,how can identify which machine is requesting.

i will explain more in detail
suppose i have 5 machines in a lan under a router
the ip addresses showing in these machines will be, ...
if i send a file from to The file is sent.
But i want to send the file to a machine which is not in my lan.
i want to send the file over internet to another machine which is also under a router.
the other computer is also in a lan and showing 192.168.XX.XX
How can i get the correct ip like 55.232.XX.XX......
and even if i know the correct ip How the router redirects the message to the machine which is requesting the file

is anybody aware of the method the teamviewer or hamachi logmein is using

please help me .this is very urgent

hamachi and logmein use an in between server which initiates the connection that is the reason why they work behind routers. You need to make one of the computers visible on the net through port forwarding (this will be the server) and then have the client computer (which is behind a router) request the file from the server.

can u please tell me how can i forward the port ..
is this also work for an sql server connection in the above given condition...
can u please explain in detail