Suddenly I am interested in the tcl scripting language. Does anybody know a good website to learn the rudimentaries.

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TCL is a fun language...not as fun as Perl though. ;) Try this site.

Some nice links, thanks!

This will keep me out of trouble for a while!

well does anybody know which better tcl or perl.. i mean which most commonly used..i wanna learn one of them..but dunno which one i should choose..

I wouldn't use either tcl or perl; I use the shell.

Does anyone know what a better Tcl or Perl .. So what is the most commonly used .. I would like to learn from them .. I do not know what I had to choose ..

If the shell is not enough for you, learn Python. Tcl doesn't have the capabilities of a real programming language, and Perl is a write-only language: its scripts are either bloated or incomprehensible.

I'd be happy if I could even get TCL to work. I thought I had installed it, and I thought NetBeans had installed it too, but I just keep getting an error about some missing .so (library) file that's not even on the hard drive. Makes no sense to me..

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