Hello every body,

I'm a student working on a project to test an anti-spam.....where I have to bomb one mailbox with many emails, I tried to use a mailbomber tool but the problem with this one is that it send one e-mail to many recipient ....what I want to do is to bomb one user with many emails which is stored in a folder....

so i thought to do a scritp for that since i'm a beginner in bash scripting and it's quite urgent ......could anyone help please to write a script which can read a folder where I have 2GB of email and start sending these mails to a mailbox in a mail server......

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I started to write this but it didn't work....does someone have an idea.........

#! /bin/bash
for i in folder-name/*
do mail test@mydomain.com < $i;
exit 0


We have to assume you have the best of intentions here.

If you have power over the box, you could write a crontab to have you send an email per minute x 24 x 7 and that will be a lot of emails.

Let it run over night.

You could also build something like majordomo, and have that one email be a list with that test message in there, and see if that does it for you.

See, we have to be careful about legitimate uses / ideas here. Email spamming is a large problem on the internet today, and we don't want to give too many ideas on how this is done.


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