please help me in such a stiuation

I have a stored procedure that insert a new record after checking that this record does not exist....
TODO: I need to lock the row after the select statment executed on a specific row to ensure that no changes will occure between
SELECT statment and INsert statment


@RecordExist as int = 0
SELECT @RecordExist = COUNT(*) FROM TABLE where Condition
-- TODO: I need to lock the rows ??

IF @recordExist = 0
Insert record
print 'Record Exist'

The case that if 2 users execute the stored procedure at same time
both will get that record doesnot exist (after select statment)
and thus it will be added twice :S.

Can a select statment be a transaction, i know that transactoin occured after update/delete/insert ... but can it be from SELECT

Thanks u in advance

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