How to use the name of one Userform which is received in another Userform as a variable?
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very vague question, perhaps some code or a further explanation of what you mean.

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frmPBar has one label lblScroller. While I am searching through Excel REcords in frmFriends, I want the lblScroller to increment like a progress bar and tell the user that proceesing is being done. To do this in frmFriends I want to measure the width of lblScroller, which is in frmPBar. How to call in frmFriends, the control which is on frmPBar. Later on, I will call that label from frmKithAndKin and also from frmVIPs. Any suggestion, appreciated. I am new to VB.

Okay, to get or set controls in other forms it is as simple as...

'we are in form1 and we want the width of label1 in form2
MyVariable = Form2.Label1.Width

or to set...

'we are in form1 and we want to set the width of label1 in form2
Form2.Label1.Width = MyVariable

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Mr. vb5prgrmr !
Thank you very much. It works fine. You have solved my problem. Probably some others also may be benefitted. Thanks for the good service.