Hello Guys,

I need your help in creating a hangman game using vb. This is a school project and I am a beginner. I need your help. I really don't know how to start it.

I can draw the hangman, but I need help in arrays. How to declare array for this question and how to display words randomly. And if there are any extra things that i can add also let me know.

Thank You.

Implement the game of Hangman which displays a number of dashes representing the letters in a randomly chosen word.

The user guesses which letters are in the word using the keyboard. The program should report if a letter has already been used or a non-alphabetic character is typed.

If a correct letter is chosen, all occurrences of that letter are shown in the word. If the letter is not in the word, the drawing of the hanging man has the next part added.

The game finishes either when the word is correctly identified or the man is hung.

to make an array just make a variable like this
dim example(2,2) as integer
this will make an integer array with 2 indexes with three variables in it form 0 to 2 in each.

to make a random type
dim random as new random
to use it type
integer = random.next
you can then use the integer to chose a word