Hi All,

How can I accomplish splitting of data(string). For eg, If I want to split the 'Date Of Birth' ( given in the format dd/mm/yy) into its constituents dd, mm and yy separately.
Specifically, I have a DOB field in my database(sql) and in the form, I have three comboboxes for dd(date), mm(month) and yy(year) for DOB..
when user fills the dob in the form using the combo boxes, my program uses the concatenation operation to save the dob in the database as (dd/mm/yy). Now what I want is to retrieve back the data into the combo boxes from the database.
How can this be done? Please help...


Let's say you have a variable temp

Dim temp As String = "05/02/2005"
Dim ar() As String = temp.Split("/")
TextBox1.Text = ar(0)

The result of ar(0) is 05 i hope that help you.