A bit vague I will try to be as descriptive as possible. Im making a program in Visual Basic my first one. And I want there to be 2 combo boxes and a Windows Media player Addon, Combo Box 1, I will select which TV Show I want to load and Combo Box 1 will get information from a Database. Depending on which show is selected in Combo Box 1 will affect what is Available in Combo Box 2, and this will also get information from a database but this is where im lost and dont know how to tell it to get information from X Database when Show X is selected without a Case statement I want it to be easier to update... As in able to update with JUST Modifying the Database,

Database 1 so far looks like
Column 1 Show Name Column 2 ShowID

I put a showID to try to use it to give a reference to which Database to load... It matches the name of the table the Shows epidode list is associated with

Database 2
Column 1 Is the name of the episode Column 2 is the Location of the movie to load into windows media player

I hope i was descriptive enough in my problem but... too be honost being my first program I wouldnt be surprised if I am completely wrong on what would make this program effective and not ANY HELP WHATSOEVER is appreciated. Even if it is to tell me im stupid and (Blank) would be a much better way to go about this type of program.

Did you work out on that issue? Which database are you using? Post code if any. Source code must be wrap with bb code tags.
For example,

[CODE=VB.NET] ..... statements ... [/code]

Here is a code snippet to fetch data from the database. (MS-SQL Server database)

'Load data into combo1
    Dim adp as New  SqlDataAdapter("select ID1,Name1 from Table1","Data Source=.\....")
    Dim dt as New DataTable

First of all thank you VERY much for posting im gonna go through your code and see if I can figure anything out from it but what I have been working on all day so far is that

Dim strShowID As String

In the global Declaration, then I have a ComboBox that Displays Member called "Shows" and the Value Member is set to the "ShowID" Column which has the same name as the table that I setup for the Episodes List and I was thinking that I would test this out so if the selected show was... "scrubs" and the ShowID for that row is "scrubsEps" I wanted to test it and see if it shows in a msgbox so i added this code to the changeindex of combobox1

strShowID = ComboBox1.ValueMember()
        Call MsgBox(strShowID)

Edit: I see the code is how to get data into the combo box I just used the IDE for that by clicking it and choosing the sourse I dont think this will affect it in anyway but aint sure.