Hi guys,

I writing this vb.net app using an mdi form.
I want to be able to use ctrl+z and ctrl+y in my forms' controls.
This is not working by default, allthough I read that it should.

What could be the problem here? I do not have any code in my project for the keydown function so this can't be it i guess

anyone any ideas?

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I want to use these default key settings on (rich) text boxes
ctrl+z = undo
ctrl+y = redo

right clicking seems to work in a regular textbox, but only 1 undo is possible. I want to have multiple undo's in a (rich) text box.


in case somebody would be interested: after days and days of looking into this issue I have found the solution.
The form I was working with was an MDI form. VS puts some menu items by default, among which undo and redo. There are keyboard shortcuts asigned to these default menu items: this was the problem.
For some reason, the shortcuts do not work in child forms. Removing the menu items from the MDI form fixed the problem.

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