I want to draw a graph in vb6 thta will take data from the database (here it is MS ACCESS) .The databse has a table with 2 columns,How to draw the 2d graph dynamically,
I am connecting the databse and vb 6 but an error is occuring
Please tell me the code for fetching data from databse and draw the graph accordingly

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Please give me a response

have you looked into the graph control?

Good Luck

No i have not checked please tell me the way how to do step by step and the required process

I know what are the tables present in the database there are 2 columns in the database and want to draw the graph accordingly with the data from the database

no such result can u please give me the code reqd to draw graph taking values frm database

Those results show you how to plot a graph with values added to the code. If you also need a data access tutorial, then there is one on this site and many more out there on the web.

Good Luck

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