I want to write program ,
part of this program show to me form , this form has multiple picture Box and when I click on picture Box ,the program will show small form that it show information by label
this form takes information from Dinamic array(the user determine the size) and but each element on array in new label .
I need each information on different labels because I want to allow the user to move the label to another bicture box and when the user move the label ,it will be deleted from the original picture box and existed on the form , that will be show when I click second picture box .

how I can drag label from f\the form to the picture box , and when I click that picture box the label ,I moved ,will appear in form of second picyure box

Welcome Nada_ward,
You should have to read,
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3. Title of thread must reflect your question.
Show us your work. Do not forget to use code tags. Source code must be surrounded with code tags.
For example,

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sorry ..
I need to know how I can do that to write my code ..