I just wanted to know if it is possible to establish a connection from USB and windows forms and transfer data from one to another.
if yes, wher do i get the required info from, i mean the complete data tat wud help me develop the project.
can be taken as something similar to embedded systems project....
plz help.... :)..

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I think the USB port can use the serial port to communicate... i'm actually working on a project today that is using a USB connection but I haven't gotten around to looking at the comms yet but the vendor's sample code uses the serialport.

Look at the System.IO.Ports namespace for SerialPort . You can get the serial port names by calling SerialPort.GetPortNames(); and the help file has a lot of examples on how to communicate

[edit]Don't quote me on this but i'm pretty sure :)[/edit]


thanks a lot sknake, tat wud be useful,
am actually a beginner, so may be if u cud suggest me someting more or cud refer some nice book so tat i can download it n refer to it...

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