After moving my computer from one room to another i have found that my USB ports will not work. I can not get my digital camera to upload pictures or my printer to print. I've tried uninstalling the USB devices and thne having them reinstalled but that has not helped. Can someone help me?


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does the pc detect that a device has been pluged in when you insert the camera? if yes then will have a go if no, what type of usb? usb2 or 1.1 is it onboard or a front pannel header or a pci card?

are you using the same usb socket? do you need to have a power supply to camera?

the computer does not detect that the devices have been plugged in. I'm not sure how to tell if it's a usb2 or a 1.1, it is onboard and im using the same socket. And no i power supply for the camera is not needed.


WinXP by Default turns off USB Root Hubs to Conserve Power causing some devices not to resume correctly after Windows resumes from sleep, hibernation or computer inactivity

In the Device Manager > Universal Serial Bus Controllers > USB Root Hub > Power Management, Uncheck the box per the illustration below. Uncheck all boxes on all root hubs.

Allow the computer to turn off this device to conserve power.

thanx so much 4 the information ^^
and i hope it'll work ^^'

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