Hey guys,
Im new to the forum, so hello first off. I guess Ill get right to it.
Im trying to make a computer program for my xbox 360 clan to download to help us calculate wins in a match. Its call of duty - domination game type, if any of you have played that. It basiclly consists of 3 flags and every 5 seconds you get a point. first to 200 wins. More flags you hold the better. I would like to construct a program that could do the math for us during an intense game. I was thinking maybe a a few buttons to select how many flags you have, a counter to enter the currecnt score, and slowly add fancy items to it.

What im needing is basic information on how to use command buttons and check boxes. Also how to use a percent bar. Is there anywhere I can see a basic program and run in via my Vb studio 2008 to see the basics on how they work. I do have minor... very minor knowledge. Its just been so long. I use to play around with vb4.0 when aol progz/proggies were big in aol 2.5,3.0. So its been a lonnng time. Any help or guidence would be gladly taken. I hope Im posting in the right area. Thanks guys!