Im trying to take two different input fields and have a counter count them to see which one would reach my goal of 200 first. Im very slow when it comes to vb. Is there a timer tut that anyone knows of? Is there a base program I might be able to peek at? Im trying to get this counter to count to 200. with buttons that adda step of x2 or x3 to the count. the program is for my video game clan. Im trying to find out during a heated game, if we need x amount of points to win. if that makes sense. so lets say input 1 is counting at x1 or 1 pt, and input 2 is counting at x2 or 2 points every 5 second. both teams at time of input have 100 points. who will win? this simple equation we all can figure out, team one has 150 points and team two has 200. but during a game it can get rough to try and figure out while in intense battle. any guidence would be GREATLY GREATLY welcomed. thanks if you need me to elaborate more I can. Do i even need a timer... now that I think about it?

Actually to calculate this, even the hard way, you don't need a timer you just need a for loop and a couple of variables to see the results after X number of iterations.

Good Luck

good idea, thanks. I swear not being to familiar with vb is giving me a tumor though. If I see the error msg anymore ill probally have a heart attack. lol. breath, drink non-caffine, and try it again. All i can do lol.