I've made an extremely basic program on my WinXP (x86) SP3 comp. All the program does is convert feet to meters, etc... I put it on my buddies computer that has vista (x86) installed on it, and it says 'the program has stopped working, windows is checking for a solution.'

His computer does have .net 3.5 installed. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

i have another question, i have been wondering why there is a grammar like this "program wont work with vista"? why it is not in simple present tense but in future tense? why not just say "program doesnt work in vista" ?

thanks in advance

i am sorry my friend, i really wonder that sentence structure more than anything in your thread :)

i saw it 1000 times and each individual time i wondered why not use it in present simple tense. i wonder how languages evolve like this. why doesnt it make sense to me as a foreign speaker.
i understand your ......................?

Serkan: Technically the posted is right as his program "will not work with vista" but that would probably be better used as "I do not think the program will work with Vista" before you test it and afterwards "The program does not work with vista".

papanyquiL: How did you deploy the project? Did you create a deployment project or did you copy the .exe file to your friends machine? Can you also upload a sample of your project? You should create a deployemnt package if you have not already done so and send out the .msi file.

@Serkan :
I'm not an expert in English nor in C#. IMHO Scott will deserve that epitheton for C#.
But I see it this way :
My car doesn't start. Means: I tried to start my car now, but without effect.
My car won't start. Means: I already started my car and I know(out of the experience gained) that it will not start in the future.

isnt english your mother tongue?

Thats a little bit creepy serkan... Most call it your native language or first language.

My native language is a Flemish dialect of Dutch...

Thats a little bit creepy serkan... Most call it your native language or first language.

i must have a tendency or proclivity or inclination to be creepy :)

> My native language is a Flemish dialect of Dutch...

you speak so properly that i thought it was english.
i know that dutch is a mixture of german and english. Except for it has some hard throat sounds that is really funny to pronounce :)
once i asked a dutch guy to teach me how to say how are you, he made some sound and i was scared :) it was my last dutch learning experience :)

You probably talked to a Dutch person living in the Netherlands. I live in the Dutch speaking part of Belgium.(The other part speaks French and a little part speaks German:) yet we are a small country) We speak a soft kind of Dutch, we find their sounds funny and they find ours funny.
We are a bunch of happy people around here.

i have never been in belgium but i improved my french to an intermediate level after having met a french speaking girl from belgium. I find it very attractive when a girl speaks french. I fell in love with that girl after one night stand but next day she explained that one night stand is something like kissing in belgium so i shouldnt expect to continue to relation with her :(

Anyway although she left next day, i attended 1 years of french course in Centre Culturel Francais D'izmir :)

I was curious about why a .NET program crashes without showing a debugging message that you generally see.
Instead I find you too...carry on you two :)
Haha this is i more interesting.:P

Well --- if it crashes on a very low level it writes the output to stderr. Try executing the assembly like this:

C:\> cd C:\Progra~1\Whatever\
C:\Progra~1\Whatever\> AppName.exe > debug.txt 2>&1

When you are done check the contents of debug.txt

Yeah, I know, sometimes we get carried away:-/

I was curious as in my fair share of crashes , all the programs show some sort of messsagebox with the trace. The OP described it as 'the program has stopped working, windows is checking for a solution' , which is new to .NET crashes (at least for me).

Its a welcome relief.:) This forum is sleeping now anyway.

It shouldn't be. This is just a new face for the "Microsoft Error Reporting Services" which they redid in Vista. Technically to have a "Vista Compatible Logo" you are not allowed to handle all exceptions internally and generate your own crash report and kill the app -- you have to let windows do it so they get the error message. I guess they were concerned with Vista having problems.

* If your program crashes before Application.Run() you will see the output in stdout/stderr as I posted above.
* If your program crashes in the main thread while running you can get the exception from Application.ThreadException += new ThreadExceptionEventHandler(WriteExceptionRunTime); * If the application crashes outside the main thread then good luck. You have some problems to debug :)


I didn't set it up as a deployment project because as I said it's a simple program that just does some conversions, etc... I'll include it here. Thanks.

Tell him to update his system with MS update. There has been many fixes for the .NET framework on Vista x64.

Tell him to update his system with MS update. There has been many fixes for the .NET framework on Vista x64.

I just did an update yesterday. I don't think that's the problem. I've also tried running the program without the included skin (I thought that might have been the problem), to no avail.

Typically when you upload to a programming forum you upload the source, not the executable. I won't run an .exe and it doesn't help with solving the issue.

Try using a deployment project. If that does not work then upload the project source.

I can't explain it. Try to windows update again, use a deployment project, and run app.exe > debug.txt 2>&1

Ahh I finally figured it out... it seems that it needed the vbpowerpack.dll to work... Thank's for the effort everyone.