I want to make simple MSN/YAHOO Chat. I have some knowledge on sockets but I don't know what more I need to know. So My Question Is, what is pre-requisites before I jump into the Project.
NOTE: The project is for learning Python/wxPython
Thanks :D

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This sounds awesome, but it also sounds like an API would be useful here. If you have the API (not sure if one exists) for MSN/YAHOO then I think that's where you should start. If you post a link to the API here that would be pretty neat too.


evstevemd; are you aware of Digsby?

Digsby is a multi-protocol messaging/email consolidation client. As far as I'm aware, the program is designed in Python and wxPython; however I know they have certain elements (like the login window) that are designed in C++ and SWIG wrapped (this was a recent change as the original wx window was buggy).

That being said, don't give up hope! If you're looking to recreate what Digsby does as a learning excercise, keep in mind that it's possible and they are living proof

I'm sure you could even be as bold as to contact the developers and ask for learning resources! I wouldn't be surprised if they gave you some advice, as they seem to actively respond to users on their blog


Thanks Jlm699 for the great info. Let me see what they can help.
First I have to check their code and see what I can get there


I don't think it is open source (Am I wrong?) So Should I contact their developing team?

Right... I suggested contacting them to see if they had any resources to point you in the right direction.

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