Since gotoxy() function can have maximum values (35,25)
I want to know is there any alternative to this which i can use in Turbo C++ 4.5 version.
I have to make a project and therefore i urgently require a one for a better look of my project.

Are you sure that compiler has that limitation? If yes, then you might try using win32 api functions as in this thread

not working in turbo

can gotoxy() have negative parameters like gotoxy(33,-22)
I have used it and it is working.
I typed somewhat 30 lines and i used gotoxy(1,1) and it was moving cursor to 6th line instead of starting position of output screen and it was placed at starting only when i used gotoxy(1,-5)
Is it correct to use.

Trash that compiler and get a modern one such as VC++ 2008 Express or Code::Blocks. Both are good choices.