In the page I'm developing, I need a DropDownList where the items have CheckBoxes beside them. I found a lot of different suggestions on the internet about how to do it. Some suggest to use a ChebkBoxList, javascript and css and make the CBL looks like a DDL (a checkBoxList inside a div, use and down arrow image button, use css to make it looks like a DDL, and use java script to show/hide the div when the image button is clicked); some suggested to create my own Control (actually, extend the DropDownList control); some suggested to use jQuery.
I would like to know what is the best and easiest way to do it. I want a control that works well and have a good appearance.
Please, feel free to give me other suggestions.


Just completing my previous post: I need this to work not only with Internet Explorer, but also with Firefox, Safari and Chrome.