'adding a customer
        m_Customercount = m_Customercount + 1
        Dim drNewRow As DataRow = m_CustomerDataTable.NewRow()
        drNewRow("CustID") = m_Customercount
        drNewRow("Company") = txtCompName.Text.Trim
        drNewRow("Address") = txtAddress.Text.Trim
        drNewRow("Telephone") = txtContact.Text.Trim
        drNewRow("Address") = txtAddress.Text.Trim
        drNewRow("Email") = btnEmail.Text.Trim

        Dim counter As Integer = 0
        While counter < m_CustomerDataTable.Rows.Count
            If m_CustomerDataTable.Rows(counter)("Company") = txtCompName.Text.Trim Then
                MessageBox.Show("This company already exists")
                Exit Sub
            End If
            counter = counter + 1
        End While

        'end of add

        'adding a colourcombination
        m_Colourcount = m_Colourcount + 1
        Dim drNewRow1 As DataRow = m_ColourDataTable.NewRow()
        drNewRow1("CID") = m_Colourcount
        drNewRow1("CustID") = m_Customercount
        drNewRow1("ColourName") = g_colourname

        'end of add

        cboColourName.Enabled = True
        cboColourCode.Enabled = True
        lstColourName.SelectedItem = g_colourname

        txtCompName.Enabled = False
        txtAddress.Enabled = False
        txtContact.Enabled = False
        btnEmail.Enabled = False

        btnNewCombination.Enabled = False
    End Sub

this was working fine for quite a while
but after i made some changes to the other part of the programs which do not seem to be related to this in any way i get this error msg

cannot find column CustID

so i commented the first line of the drNewRow
thn i get the same error for the second line

cannot find column company

Where are you getting this DataTable from? Have you changed the routine you're using to get it?

datatable is module level
and i have inserted data during the load event using data adapter which is also module level

got it
the error was something entirely different
thnx for ur help