Hello all.
I get a small problem compiling it.
And get the next error:
\client/windows/handler/exception_handler.h(72) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'client/windows/crash_generation/crash_generation_client.h': No such file or directory

So how i proceeded :
Installed mozilla-build 1.4, reinstalled the windows sdk(to the latest version), and have Visual Studio 2008 Professional installed.
After that i downloaded the firefox-3.5.2-source.tar.bz2 and unpacked it on the desktop.
And after run the c:\mozilla-build\start-msvc9.bat. Changed directory to Desktop\mozilla-1.9.1 created the directory mozilla-central (as sugested at http://www.errorhelp.com/search/details/81771/error-enable-application-app-was-not-specified-and-is-required ) runned the ../configure --enable-application=browser without any problems and started the make operation, that gived me the error i've specified before.
I dont know why do i have a file missing, because on the developer.mozilla.org i've seen that nothing more would be required (no other sdks and stuff) to compile with VS2008.
Thanks in advance.

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OK, solved, the .tar.gz version i downloaded from theirs ftp is uncompleate.
So i downloaded it with csv and compiled, works fine now .

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