Hello all.
I get a small problem compiling it.
And get the next error:
\client/windows/handler/exception_handler.h(72) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'client/windows/crash_generation/crash_generation_client.h': No such file or directory

So how i proceeded :
Installed mozilla-build 1.4, reinstalled the windows sdk(to the latest version), and have Visual Studio 2008 Professional installed.
After that i downloaded the firefox-3.5.2-source.tar.bz2 and unpacked it on the desktop.
And after run the c:\mozilla-build\start-msvc9.bat. Changed directory to Desktop\mozilla-1.9.1 created the directory mozilla-central (as sugested at http://www.errorhelp.com/search/details/81771/error-enable-application-app-was-not-specified-and-is-required ) runned the ../configure --enable-application=browser without any problems and started the make operation, that gived me the error i've specified before.
I dont know why do i have a file missing, because on the developer.mozilla.org i've seen that nothing more would be required (no other sdks and stuff) to compile with VS2008.
Thanks in advance.

OK, solved, the .tar.gz version i downloaded from theirs ftp is uncompleate.
So i downloaded it with csv and compiled, works fine now .