I was trying to find out what tk is (with respect to tkinter) and I regularly came across the words API and "binding". What do they mean?

API means "Application Programming Interface". When you write a piece of software, there may be a human interface (like a GUI) which allows a user to interact with your software and an API interface, which allows a user program to interact with your software. The API is usually a collection of classes and functions which constitute a library.

In the context of GUI programming (like tkinter), "binding" usually means that you attach a function to be executed to a part of a GUI (like a button or a slider), so that if the user presses the button, the function is executed. One says that the function is bound to the button.

well.ll they say that tkinter is the python binding for TCL/Tk. What does that mean?

It means that tkinter is the "glue" code necessary to use TCL/Tk's functions from a python program.

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