I have made an application and made its exe file also............
But I don't know how to inbuilt .NET framework with my application to distribute my application to clients.......

When the user is online then .NET framework automatically installs but in offline mode its giving error for .NET framework...........

Can anyone tell me how can I inbuilt .NET framework with my application to distribute it to clients............

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Thanks for your reply........But....
I have already made setup file......I only want to know how to pack .NET framework and my application together to give it to client..
So that when he first start my application and if its system do not have .NET framework then my application should first install framework and the start my application. And provided user must not be connected to internet......


You will need to download the redistributable .NET framework(s) required for your application and add custom installer actions. You should probably create an installer assembly and embed the installers in it since I do not believe you can access the installer's assemblies and hold up the installers while you execute the framework installers.

I personally would keep these two tasks separate and have a launch condition for the framework requirement and send them the application installer. Your installer will be huge and this way it is clear that you are not responsible for security updates that they probably are not getting from windows update.

Train the client if they receive the ".net framework is not installed" error message they they need to double click this "dotnetfx" file. A little training versus a lot of coding


can u tell me one more thing, is it possible to make a folder in which it contained a .net framework and our setup file...
if possible, than how....?


Just add it to the installer output if you want to. Right click on your installer "Add -- File" and add the output.

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