Hello, i am trying to find the best way to incode video from a frame...

i am using directX to render a frame and then i fetch the backbuffer and i have my backbuffer i got that down and it works because i can save them to jpg's but they are uncompresed and 800x600 = 2.1 mb per frame... and its not a video...

what i want to do is take these frames and encoding them and save them to a video file (avi) i looked at DirectShow but i only found tutorials and documentation on how to create a capture device for my webcam... i just want to give it the current frame and then tell it im all done and have an AVI? is that possible or am i dreaming... i would also like for the user to be able to select the encoding type...

Its the box that shows up and asks what compression you want and it gives you the installed codecs like Intel Inter Video and Microsoft Video and Divx4... is that direct show?

anyway and soultion would be helpfull.

Thanks in advance.

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Not really sure about the posibility of doing this in C#.

I've worked a little with filters (whitch are the actual DirectShow components that make up the encoders and decoders), but I used C++ and ATL COMs ... maybe that's what you want ?

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