I have a Folder on the Web Server that has files that have been uploaded by users via my Web App. I would like to create a button click event that would download the Folder (Directory) and all of its contents.

Currently I have a link on a web page that lists all of the files so the user can do right-click | "Save Target As" to download one file at a time. My App is written in VB.NET ASP.NET 3.5.

Thanks in advance for your help,


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You will need to write a "scraper" which depends on the format of the page displaying the links. Please use code tags to paste the HTML of the page you're wanting to scrape for links or post a link to the page here.

How to use code tags:

[code=html] ....html here....


Create a compressed (ZIP) file using classes of System.IO.Compression namespace and then download it.


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