I am new to both c#.net and sql server. I am working on a project in which I have to 2-3 users using their application and connecting to common database in lan. I decided to use c# as my programming language. when coming to database i m very confused. microsoft has sql server as their database but it is not free. if i choose mysql then i have the doubt whether i will get full support for it from c#?? I also read somewhere that free version of sql server doesnt support remote connections.is that true??
i need to connect remotely through database in my project.do c# has full support to it??
even if i get it done somehow(by using external libraries) whats the guarantee it will work on customer site???

help needed

thanks in advance

SQL Server Express Edition (Free version) supports remote connections but the version with limited functionallity. but also MySQL has libraries for .net connectivity something like ADO.NET for SQL Server and ODP for Oracle.

what do u mean by limited functions?? what functions are missing??

There're a lot, go to Microsoft.com and search for those to be shown in details.

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