Hope everyone fine over here. Well ... actually i am having some difficulties to choose my final year. I want to develop a desktop application. As i am in the network security field, i want to develop a keylogger software. I am new to vb.net and i dont know c# at all. I am ready to learn any new language if required.

So, can someone tell me the level of difficulty of this project please and which language will be best to develop a keylogger. Or can someone give me an idea for any other software in the field. Thanks a lot in advance guys.


Is this something you want to do for your final year project?

To be frank ... i dont really know. I want something that deals with network security! Of course, the keylogger will be used in a good way. It will not be liked the other keyloggers .. well i am planning to record information in a database and the data can be accessed via the web in a well formatted web page.

Parents can used this software to monitor what their children are doing or boss can use this to monitor an employee.

Please help me. Again, thanks a lot.

Do you know what I would do if I knew my boss was logging my keyboard?
I would open a Word document and from time to time I would type like hell some rubbish in it. I would advise my 30 coworkers to do the same. See how long my boss can cope with that! ;)
He can now hardly read all his mails every day...

lol ... but i will give my boss the option to choose between mail or to view it online. He just have to choose a particular date and time... then view all the transactions which have taken place.

He will only check the system from time to time and no mail bombing. Anyway , thanks for the reply but can you suggest me a topic please. I love security things ... I am out of idea! Thanks again dude.

> well i am planning to record information in a database and the data can be accessed via the web in a well formatted web page.
That has to be the most bone-headed idea going.

"I know, lets publish all my keystokes on a web page for all to see - ohh, passwords, yummy!"

If you want to do something useful, write a program which finds keylogging malware, rather than adding to the considerable amount of pond life which is already out there.

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salem is right, try to make a program that uses heuristic algorithms to find harmful software, or maybe find and block what your boss don't like. these can be more useful for anyone

To answer the OP's question, Keyloggers could be written in any language, although it will require some simple calls to the windows API. If you have any experience in programming I don't see how you could have any problem with such a simple thing. any of the guys here could produce a key logger application in 20 minutes complete with silent install.

But I agree completely. It's not a good idea, and we don't want to help you spy on your girlfriend. Knowing what some one types out of context isn't a good basis of anything anyway.

you want to keep people's kids safe, write an application that kills browser processes as soon as they are started, then runs a new instance of a 2nd program that is a "safe" browser specially written to only allow access to safe domains.

Do anything besides write a privacy destroying application. and yeah, its a password stealing concept, just thing of the log...
www.bankaccount.comuser@yahoo.com TAB password
that's what will happen about a thousand times a day, a NOONE deserves to know your passwords to ANYTHING.

Thanks a lot guys. Your advices were really helpful. Finally... a lecturer proposed something interesting. A software that will monitor bandwidth, ISP speed throttle, remote control of application, filtering website URL's, generating reports and much more. What do you think guys, Is it nice for a final year project?

Dont be affraid if the water is too cold, just jump.

lol ... that's what i am going to do. Btw, thanks again for your advice man. ;). Hmm ... do you think this project is OK, i mean ... do you think that the level is good for a final year project?

Are you affraid of yourself? :icon_eek:
As I said before JUMP! It will all come good in the end as long as you believe in your own project.

Yeah .. you are right. That's what i am going to do. Thanks a lot again dude.