I know theres a huge sticky up about C++ books, but i simply need some advice :) . I learned very basic c++ from a book called "An Introduction to programming with C++". This included taught basics like arrays, functions, Sequential access files and stuff. It also covered basic OOP, teaching how to use objects and classes.
I desire ultimately being a game programmer. But right now i'm nowhere near it. I want some hands on experiance with windows programming too. I've followed the online tuts, but books explain better. However, the question is, i dont know which my next book should be about. Should it explain windows programming? Should it start directly with game programming? Or should it explain OOP better? Because the last book had only one chapter, about 30 pages for Objects and classes. Oh yeah, and any names of recommended books would be appreciated.
Thanks :)

I think before you get into Windows and games, you should be very comfortable with just C++. That way you only struggle with one complex thing at a time. ;) This is a good second book on C++.